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Think. Inspire. Motivate. This is the broader vision of TIMtalks, a forum for passionate students to share powerful ideas. TIMTalks is a chance for you to tell us what inspires you and drives your passion. Action speaks more than academics. Through a reflective story about your experiences and knowledge on a topic, share something with us that means something to you. Why should it matter to others? How has your experience at MIT played a role in defining this passion? What obstacles did you face, and how did you overcome them? We seek people with a broad vision, energy, and unique perspective. Take this as an opportunity to present a focused narrative of your thoughts, inspirations, and motivations.

This spring, we will have two events: one during CPW and one during Spring Weekend. The CPW event will be on Friday, April 11 from 4-6PM, and the Spring Weekend will be on April 26 from 2-4PM. You may submit an application for either event, and we will also consider applications for both. There is a possibility that a speaker can speak at both events.

Interested? Please submit an application below! Applications are due on March 14, 2014 at 8PM. All applicants will be notified of their status within two weeks. Leading up to both events, selected students will work with various administrators and faculty members at MIT in addition to the TIMtalks team to brainstorm ideas, refine materials such as a script and visual aids, and rehearse prior to their presentation.

This semester’s TIMtalks will be an incredible opportunity to share your experiences and talent with prefrosh, peers, and faculty. All talks will be professionally recorded and shared on our website as well as through other MIT media sources, and you will have a deliverable to share with family members, friends, and future employers. Think. Inspire. Motivate.

Please note that we are currently only taking TIMtalk applications from undergraduates (Class of 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017). If you have any questions about any part of the application process, please email

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Proposed Talk Information

Please provide a brief abstract (no more than 250 words) summarizing the theme of your proposed talk and indicate whether you wish to speak at CPW, Spring Weekend, or both.

TIMtalks are meant to be engaging, prepared talks that will inspire a broad audience. For selected speakers, TIMtalks will be an opportunity to improve writing and presentation skills. As such, we hope to get a sense of your presentation style. We request that you record and upload a brief audio pitch (no more than 2 minutes). This audio pitch should not be an oration of your abstract, but should instead develop a key idea of your talk. Please note: The Public Service Center has voice recorders available on loan. Please contact if you would like to borrow a voice recorder for this purpose.

Supplemental Information (optional)

TIMtalks is committed to selecting students with true passion and an inspiring story. If you feel that you have additional supplemental materials that would aid the selection committee in their decision, please provide it here. For video submissions (highly recommended), please provide a url.

TIMtalks, or "Think. Inspire. Motivate." talks, was envisioned as a platform to promote students who have invented, implemented, succeeded, and even failed at a wide range of ideas, both large and small. TIMtalks was conceived with the intention of taking a reflective approach towards MIT's innovative spirit (hence the play on MIT backwards); amidst the fast pace of student culture and achievement, we believe that it is important to reflect, communicate, and discuss the approaches and outcomes of each endeavor.

Our vision is to create a forum for passionate students to present powerful ideas that foster and promote MIT's spirit of innovation and ingenuity. Currently, the undergraduate community lacks a professional forum to connect with like-minded peers and spread ideas to the public. We hope that TIMtalks will bring about an unprecedented energy to campus, enabling a broad range of students to share paradigm-shifting ideas; in the longer term, this will cultivate an inspirational culture for future MIT students and other college students around the Cambridge area to dream big.

Our vision at TIMtalks extends globally, too. TIMtalks will help fulfill MIT's mission to "advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century." In today's technology-driven world, we must utilize our resources to connect cross-culturally, communicating visions and failures towards solutions. As trailblazers of modern technology, MIT has a responsibility to bridge the widening gap between critical problems and innovative solutions. TIMtalks serves this function by providing a global window into the Institute so people can learn of the perspectives, technologies, and solutions of some of the most forward-thinking young scholars of this generation and how the Institute has influenced their experience. TIMtalks: powerful ideas by passionate students who Think. Inspire. Motivate.

Anjali Thakkar

Founder and Board Chair, TIMtalks


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Upcoming Events

4/11/14: TIMtalks at CPW 4-6 PM

4/26/14: TIMtalks at Spring Weekend 2-4 PM


We at TIMtalks are looking for all levels of organizers: for events, planning, communications, overall leadership – every aspect. TIMtalks can grow to be even better with your help. Please contact if you are interested. ×