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On community-building:

“Meeting all these incredible individuals has just made me wonder how I didn't know them before, and how many more amazing MIT students are out there that I've never met…it's the support that got me through. It is what TIMtalks is really all about: support. Both inside and outside of the TIMcommunity, I had unbelievable amounts of encouragement and help. It's MIT at its finest, and it's totally awesome. It's these amazing people that are what I love about MIT. Thank you TIMtalks for helping remind me of that.” – Lauren Kuntz ‘13

On the training process:

“It was at that rehearsal session, tired from a stressful week and sore form soccer that I think I realized what TIMtalks is all about. I met my other speakers and I think we clicked as a group effortlessly. I could sense in these peers that they were motivated, inspiring, hardworking people that had been places and done things that I could only dream of doing. I wanted to hear about their experiences! It was one of the rare times in my MIT experience where I think I was truly in a trusting and open environment. We shared comments, critiqued phrases and body language, and admired the experiences and passion of our friends. I left that rehearsal with a lot to work on but with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm for the upcoming talk.” – Cameron McCord ‘13

On public speaking:

“I am a pretty experienced public speaker—I’ve done many hours of speaking during ROTC events, at student government events or other committees, and during my summer internships in public policy. I realized that my new nervousness was because I was presenting on a topic I had chosen completely myself. It was something that was very real to me. Unlike a current event or a nuclear policy, I was speaking about experiences I have lived and hardships I had overcome. I tried to separate this upcoming talk from presentations I’ve given in the past. A lot of the feedback I received suggested that I was a strong speaker—but that I was often very repetitive in my tone, something that I think has served me well giving academic presentations or speaking in front of my battalion in ROTC. I focused on being more animated, more “Cameron” and less “Midshipman McCord.” I left the rehearsal inspired again and even more excited for the event.” – Cameron McCord ‘13

On receiving feedback:

“The most interesting part of my experience as a TIMtalks speaker was probably the commentary and feedback I received afterwards. Many individuals enjoyed my speech, while others were inquisitive. It was enjoyable and exciting to hear of this feedback, because it helped me understand how different generations of individuals were able to relate to what I had said. I’d like to thank the whole TIMtalks family for this opportunity, as well as my mom, dad, and sister for encouraging me to be a TIMtalks speaker.” – Anish Punjabi ‘16

Past Events

9/27/13: TIMtalks at Alumni Leadership Conference 9-10:15 AM

TIMtalks, moderated by Stu Schmill, was the opening conference keynote. Alumni Leadership Conference is MIT's flagship event for its volunteer alumni leaders, who are involved in admissions interviews, fundraising, alumni events, and MIT state/area clubs. Alumni not only expand their skills as leaders in the activities they are involved in, but also get to hear about the lives of current MIT students. TIMtalks served as a medium to keep alumni updated on the topics that inspire current students.

10/25/13 - 10/27/13: TIMtalks at Family Weekend

TIMtalks had its second appearance at Family Weekend. Family Weekend is a great chance for parents and families of MIT students to get a taste of MIT life. Events include department-specific lectures and tours, open classes, lectures on entrepreneurship, international opportunities, sports events and open houses, student group performances and shows, and more.

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TIMtalks, or "Think. Inspire. Motivate." talks, was envisioned as a platform to promote students who have invented, implemented, succeeded, and even failed at a wide range of ideas, both large and small. TIMtalks was conceived with the intention of taking a reflective approach towards MIT's innovative spirit (hence the play on MIT backwards); amidst the fast pace of student culture and achievement, we believe that it is important to reflect, communicate, and discuss the approaches and outcomes of each endeavor.

Our vision is to create a forum for passionate students to present powerful ideas that foster and promote MIT's spirit of innovation and ingenuity. Currently, the undergraduate community lacks a professional forum to connect with like-minded peers and spread ideas to the public. We hope that TIMtalks will bring about an unprecedented energy to campus, enabling a broad range of students to share paradigm-shifting ideas; in the longer term, this will cultivate an inspirational culture for future MIT students and other college students around the Cambridge area to dream big.

Our vision at TIMtalks extends globally, too. TIMtalks will help fulfill MIT's mission to "advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century." In today's technology-driven world, we must utilize our resources to connect cross-culturally, communicating visions and failures towards solutions. As trailblazers of modern technology, MIT has a responsibility to bridge the widening gap between critical problems and innovative solutions. TIMtalks serves this function by providing a global window into the Institute so people can learn of the perspectives, technologies, and solutions of some of the most forward-thinking young scholars of this generation and how the Institute has influenced their experience. TIMtalks: powerful ideas by passionate students who Think. Inspire. Motivate.

Anjali Thakkar

Founder and Board Chair, TIMtalks


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Upcoming Events

4/11/14: TIMtalks at CPW 4-6 PM

4/26/14: TIMtalks at Spring Weekend 2-4 PM


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